Human Electric Trike Thesis

Design of an electrically assisted human powered trike

10/6 Update

Posted by Bob Dold on Friday, October 6, 2006 5:55 PM

Received Garmin Edge 305 yesterday, charged it up and used it in my car on my trip to work this morning. The speed seemed to be accurate to my car’s speedometer within a MPH, I logged the entire ride and was able to plot out the time vs. speed, grade, and elevation. The default sample rate was about once every 3 or 4 seconds, it can be set to sample every second which I will set it for when doing the test runs. See below:

The steepest grade on my way to work was about 15%, right at the start of the ride. I also found a program (G7ToWin) that lets me export the raw data to Excel so I can combine it with the Omega voltage logger data when I receive it.

The 305 also let you export your path to a Google map, as seen below:

Also went ahead and ordered 3 Odyssey PC925 motorcycle batteries from BatteryWeb for $98.88 each, these will be wired together in series to form a 36V, 27 amp-hour pack weighing 78 pounds.

Big Blue Saw emailed me and said they would be delivering the waterjet parts next week, so I should be able to start assembly next weekend.


One Response to “10/6 Update”

  1. Bob Dude said

    I was looking over your FEA and am a little concerned. You should always avoid putting a rod end in bending whenever possible. Because of the stress-concentrations in threaded section, you cannot make an accurate guess as to the actual stress there. 50ksi would be fine for a solid rod, but given your load case, it may cause a failure. You should consider a different mounting method for your spherical bearing.


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