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Design of an electrically assisted human powered trike

Stealth 1000 performance

Posted by Bob Dold on Sunday, September 24, 2006 10:21 PM

Assembled the Stealth 1000 and took it on a test ride today to get an idea of the performance. After charging the batteries I was able to get a little over 4.1 miles of range on the first charge, this ride included going up several steep hills which cut down on the range. Top speed was about 18 MPH on level ground, one problem that popped up is that the motor controller shut down whenever the scooter went over 20 MPH, to reset it, the power had to be cycled on and off after coming to a stop. Schwinn Stealth 1000 Electric ScooterThis was probably due to the lack of a freewheel on the motor, this won’t be a problem on the trike instalation because there will be a freewheel to allow the trike to coast without backdriving the motor. Another issue was the scooter couldn’t make it up anything steeper than a 5% grade without the controller shutting off after the scooter slowed to about 5 MPH. The motor was not hot, so I assuming this was due to a current limiter in the controller. One work around for this may be to get a controller with an adjustable current limit so a higher shutoff can be set. On the trike the gearing will help reduce the torque required so the current draw shouldn’t be as severe as the scooter which has a fixed gear ratio. Best battery life seemed to be at about 12.5 MPH

Motor information from nameplate:

36 VDC, 78% Efficiency

Rated Speed: 3600 RPM, 32A, 1000W

Model: XYD-18A


3 Responses to “Stealth 1000 performance”

  1. we forrest day said

    I too recieved a stealth 1000. My mileage was about the same with offroading included ( bike trails, curbs, heavy grass mixed with sand.). there is a lag in the drive train to “premote smooth acceleration”. I seem to have more stability when I stand and did not reach speeds of 18mph, male 190lbs total weight. I have plans to upgrade the controller, batts, motor.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information!

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  3. martin said

    What ‘trike’are you talking about?
    I have a stealth 1000 as well and i’m thinking about getting a ‘yk42-3’ controller to get more current to the motor, and hence, more acceleration. Unfortunately, that will mean new batteries sooner 😛

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