Human Electric Trike Thesis

Design of an electrically assisted human powered trike

Runabout Cycles

Posted by Bob Dold on Saturday, June 3, 2006 3:09 PM

  • Fully integrated front and passive rear suspension.

  • Scratch resistant powder coat, custom colors available.

  • Fully adjustable pedal boom and seating system.

  • Multiple battery options including;
    Top quality Lithium-Ion Saphion Batteries

  • Optima Deep-Cycle lead-acid gel battery

  • Perm pmg 080 2000 watt motor

  • Forward, reverse, and regenerative braking capabilities.

  • 4qd programmable speed control can meet Federally mandated 20 mph maximum speed classification for electric bicycles.

  • Optional Alltrax AXE controller allows more amps and more tuning options with only a 5 pound weight penalty.

  • Smooth, powerful disc-brakes.

  • Electronic fuel meter: battery capacity and fuel consumption rate.

  • Electronic bicycle computer: speed, distance, time.…

  • Super strong and lightweight 20” wheels with wide selection of tires readily available.

  • LED tail lights, reflectors, and a free helmet for safety equipment.

  • Base retail price: $ 4,700

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